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Since one in ten Americans struggles with some form of infertility, today’s families are increasingly becoming families of choice.

The Surrogacy Roadmap™ online course was developed by Eloise Drane, the founder of Georgia-based egg donor and surrogacy agency Family Inceptions. Through her combination of experience and expertise, she’s cultivated a wide and thoughtful base of knowledge; through this groundbreaking online course, you’ll learn much of what she knows in a flexible and accessible way.

For more than twenty years, Eloise has dedicated herself to making these choices clear, straightforward, and unintimidating for the families she works with. Simply put, we want to do the same for you. Surrogacy Roadmap™ acknowledges these common yet heartfelt questions, answers them in detail, and aims to do so for as many different types of intended parents as possible. Through this highly unique  online learning opportunity, she seeks to embody the operating mindset of her company: “together, we make a family.”

About the Course Creator, Eloise Drane

Eloise Drane is the founder of Family Inceptions—a “boutique style” family planning agency specializing in surrogacy and egg donation, and Surrogacy Roadmap™ — a digital online platform teaching potential parents how to complete a successful surrogacy journey without paying agency cost. She considers it more than a business, but rather a calling, and she strives to be a blessing to the lives of people she meets each day. In addition to her professional expertise, Eloise has personal experience as an egg donor and surrogate, allowing her to assist families along their journey with a unique level of empathy.

Eloise’s journey began in 1998 when she had the opportunity to be a kidney donor for her cousin. This experience became the catalyst for dedicating her life to serving others and empowering others to serve. She went on to serve as an egg donor six times, and as a surrogate three times. After these life-changing journeys she was inspired to open a family planning agency in 2008, and later to develop an online platform for others who need guidance but are unable to utilize an agency. She continues to find deep joy and purpose in helping people fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.


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